A Stress Free Social Media Strategy – Part 2

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A complete guide for a stress free social media strategy

Part Two





For starters,have a game-plan! I break it down into monthly and weekly tasks. I spend an hour at the end of each month (or the first day of the month if I’m slacking) to put a game plan together. Then I spend two to three hours every Monday morning prepping my social media for the week.




Step 1 – Print off a blank calendar for the month or find one you can edit right on your computer. I personally like to write mine out pencil + paper style so I can scribble and doodle ideas.

Step 2 – Determine a theme for each week of the month that fits within your niche. So for me, it will always come back to branding. I post blog articles bi-weekly right now, so I also make sure the theme fits with my blog post topic.

For example: I knew I wanted to create this post about enhancing your brand by being consistent on social media. So every article I’ve shared this week in some way, shape, or form has to do with social media.

Step 3 – Start brainstorming ideas to post within your chosen theme for each week. Think back to conversations you’ve had with fellow bloggers and business owners, advice you’ve heard in podcasts, and helpful tips you’ve read in blog posts. Bookmark articles, jot down quotes, and scribble ideas as you think of them. All of these ideas will take form once you dive in later to schedule your weekly posts.




Step 1 – Research articles that fit within your chosen theme for the week. I use my handy Pinterest boards to find articles on business, branding, blogging, and social media. I also have my go to blogs for informative posts on social media & for actionable tips on growing an engaged community.

Step 2 – Schedule all of the articles you found for the week. Be sure you also schedule in your own blog posts, announcements, products / services, and newsletter sign up. I personally use Buffer to schedule social media. I love their simple user interface & minimal design.

Step 3 – Engage! Throw in some live tweets, attend a twitter chat or two throughout the week, reach out to followers and see how they’re doing. Comment, favorite, share, and like other people’s tweets, IG photos, and pins. It’s the easiest way to start a conversation and build a closer relationship with someone in your community.

Hold up! Wait a minute!

What about the specifics!? ? Don’t worry, I have you covered there too in my next post!

A great video to help you organize your posts


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